Don't Let the 'Gracia Del Mar' Tragedy Happen Again

Recently, a ship named the Gracia Del Mar left Brazil en route to Egypt carrying around 5,600 cattle on board as part of the shameful live-export trade. Off the coast of Algeria, a snowstorm hit, and many of the animals succumbed to the freezing conditions. In spite of this, and even though the ship reportedly suffered damaged ventilation and food systems, the Gracia Del Mar continued its journey to Egypt.

Upon arriving at its destination, the ship was refused permission to dock by Egyptian authorities because of the estimated 3,000 dead cattle on board. The surviving animals were forced to endure several more days at sea. It is reported that the remaining cattle have now been transported to land, but their fate after this harrowing journey will ultimately be slaughter.

The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) is supposed to act promptly in such desperate situations, but according to news reports, they failed to do so. Please e-mail the OIE today and demand that shameful incidents like this never be allowed to happen again.


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