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Help Stop Cruelty to Cows

Almost all leather in the United Kingdom is imported from foreign countries, and one of the top leather producers is, surprisingly, India. Six years after a PETA US video exposé of it, that industry in India continues to subject cows and other animals to illegal cruelty during transport and slaughter. Cows and other animals are forced to endure transport in extremely crowded trucks, suffering broken bones and dehydration, before having their throats slit in full view of other animals and sometimes being skinned and dismembered while still conscious.

If you're wearing leather, you're probably wearing leather from India or China, and conditions for animals in China are at least as bad as they are in India. Even if your shoes were manufactured in Italy, the United States or another such country, the raw materials (skins) are probably from India or China.

Please contact the Indian High Commissioner and ask him to take steps to stop the cruel transport and slaughter of Indian animals for the country's leather industry.

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