Help Ban Snares in Scotland

The Scottish government recently rejected a ban on snares in Scotland. We need your help to urge the government to enact this important ban. This is a vital time for action, so please take a few minutes to send the letter below to Scottish Minister for Environment Paul Wheelhouse and help get snares banned for good.

Snares are thin wires that are used by some farmers and gamekeepers to trap so-called "pests", such as foxes. Not only do snares cause a painful death, they're also completely indiscriminate: companion animals such as dogs and cats are often victims of these devices, as are protected species such as otters and badgers.

There has been strong public support for a ban on snares in Scotland, but the Scottish government has yet to prohibit them. Let the Scottish government know that people want these cruel contraptions to be relegated to the history books by sending the government a letter in support of the ban.

Contact Scotland's Environment Minister Paul Wheelhouse directly using the form below.

Personalised letters always work best: feel free to use the text we've provided, but your message will carry more weight if you use your own words.


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