Help End the Namibian Seal Slaughter

85,000 Cape fur seals are slaughtered each year in Namibia
 markos / CC BY 2.0

Every year, the world watches in horror as the Namibian government permits the slaughter of 85,000 Cape fur seals.

During this annual massacre, sealers bludgeon baby seals with clubs and "hakapiks" (clubs with metal hooks on their ends), drag conscious seals across the sand with boat hooks, and toss dead and dying animals into heaps. Shocked pups vomit up their mothers' freshly drunk milk before, during, and after their torture.

The sealing industry claims it is killing seals because of an increase in demand for fur – all fur. Anyone wearing a mink - or fox-fur coat or a jacket trimmed in coyote or rabbit fur is partly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of baby seals.

Please contact the Prime Minister of Namibia, and urge her to put an end to the barbaric seal slaughter.

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