Help Stop Canada's Commercial Seal Slaughter

The international market for seal pelts has all but disappeared, yet Canadian sealers will once again be clubbing animals to death for their skins this spring on the ice floes off Newfoundland.

Help stop the seal slaughter
Canada's commercial seal slaughter, in which tens of thousands of young harp seals are shot and bludgeoned to death, is a shadow of what it used to be, now that the US, the EU and Russia have all banned seal-product imports. And with Justin Trudeau, a new progressive-minded Prime Minister, in power, there's new hope for ending the cruel and wasteful seal slaughter.

Trudeau supports LGBT rights, Syrian refugees and gender equality. Please join PETA in urging him to extend his compassion even further and usher in a new era of kindness and fiscal responsibility by ending federal subsidies of the commercial seal slaughter.

Even if you have taken action on this issue in the past, your voice is needed now more than ever! The world has rejected seal products, and it's time for Canada to help sealers make the transition out of this dying industry, provide them with appropriate compensation and start funding sustainable industries to benefit rural communities.

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