It's time to pull back the veil of secrecy surrounding animal testing.

What happens behind closed doors in labsEvery day, ten thousand animals are subjected to all kinds of horrendous acts of abuse in British laboratories. They can be poisoned, surgically mutilated, starved, "stressed", infected with deadly diseases or electrocuted. At the end of the experiments, all of them die – alone and afraid.

What makes this all the more shocking is that this abuse is going on in secret. A section in the UK law that regulates animal experiments makes it illegal for information about the experiments to enter the public domain. In other words, money that we pay to the government funds these experiments, yet we are denied the basic right to know what our money is paying for.

Animal experimentation is horrifically cruel and fails to deliver the treatments we all so desperately seek. Freedom of access to this information is also an essential part of the democratic process and is the only means by which research can be properly scrutinised to ensure the best outcome for science.

The government is currently reviewing changes to this section of the law. We are calling on it to end the secrecy surrounding animal experiments and give the public the right to know what really happens to animals in British laboratories.

Please join us and write to Norman Baker MP, the Home Office minister responsible for animal experiments. Ask him to respect the views of the public and the lives of animals by abolishing the current secrecy clause.

Image: Jo Anne McArthur / We Animals


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