Ask Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands to Stop Dismembering and Killing Animals in Military Training Exercises

Animals are mutilated and killed in barbaric trauma training drillsSoldiers are shooting, stabbing and mutilating live pigs and other animals in cruel and archaic trauma training exercises in Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. It's outrageous that army personnel are treating animals this way, especially when superior non-animal methods exist.

Consider the following:

During these exercises, animals may be shot by a firing squad with high-velocity bullets, stabbed, dismembered and sometimes sewn back together.

Sensitive animals such as pigs, who are as intelligent as the dogs and cats many of us share our homes with, can sustain bone fractures and suffer multiple organ failure before being killed.

 Nearly eighty per cent of NATO countries train their military using exclusively non-animal methods, which are more effective and do not cost innocent lives.

• British soldiers have been travelling to Denmark to take part in these barbaric exercises, despite the fact that they would not be permitted in the UK.

The exercises appear to violate EU law. Directive 2010/63/EU states that animals must not be used when non-animal options are available. PETA has written to EU officials alerting them to this apparent violation and asking them to investigate.

Please write to the governments of these countries and urge them to stop torturing animals for military training.


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