Protest Against the Romanian Dog Slaughter

The Romanian Parliament has approved a law that would allow tens of thousands of stray dogs to be systematically and cruelly slaughtered – please speak out against this bloodshed.

Street dog
David Trawin/CC BY-SA 2.0

The vote
on the new law took place following the death of a 4-year-old boy who was reportedly mauled by homeless dogs in Bucharest on 10 September. This child's death was a tragedy, but the vicious killing of animals will not bring him back, nor will it provide a solution to the problem of animal homelessness in the long term.

Killing stray dogs never has a long-term effect on population control. It has been shown repeatedly that the homeless animal population quickly rebounds after large-scale killing campaigns. The only effective way to reduce the population of homeless dogs humanely is to implement a sterilisation programme, to prohibit the sale of animals in markets and pet shops, and to make it illegal to abandon animals on the streets, with real penalties when people are caught breaking the law.

It's urgent that compassionate people speak out now to ensure that the government does not allow this cruel extermination programme to continue. 

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