Ask Harvey Nichols to Stop Selling Fur

After being fur-free for nine years, department store Harvey Nichols overturned its compassionate policy by selling items trimmed with real fur in 2013. We need to let the company know that this is the wrong decision – for animals and for its customers.

Image: Dzivnieku briviba / CC BY 2.0

By speaking out now, we can make sure that Harvey Nichols reinstates its no-fur policy and keeps fur out of its stores in future.

There is no such thing as ethically sourced fur. Investigations have revealed shocking treatment of animals – even on so-called "high-welfare" fur farms in countries such as Sweden and Norway.

Fur is cruel, full stop. The only thing guaranteed about the fur trim items being sold by Harvey Nichols is the intense suffering of the foxes, raccoons and rabbits who were killed to make them.

Please send a message to Harvey Nichols' CEO and ask her to reinstate the company's fur-free policy immediately.


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