Dying for Detergent? 

Ask the UK to End All Animal Testing for Household Products Ingredients

Speak out against animal testing in the UK

Did you know that dishwasher detergent, furniture polish, air freshener and laundry products all contain chemicals that may be tested on animals in cruel experiments?

Every day around the world, animals such as rats, mice, rabbits and guinea pigs are used in toxicity (poisoning) tests for chemicals which may be used in household products. In these tests, animals have chemicals applied to their skin, injected into their bodies, dripped into their eyes or forced down their throats via a tube. This can cause vomiting, tremors, organ failure, paralysis and even death. Even if the animals survive the tests, they are killed.

It doesn't have to be this way. There are thousands of ingredients that have already been proved safe for use in household products as well as an increasing number of non-animal testing methods for new ingredients which don't use animals and are more reliable.

Progressive countries such as India and Israel have ended animal testing for household products and their ingredients. The UK has taken its first step by banning tests on animals for finished products, but it must go all the way and completely ban tests on animals for ingredients used in household products, too. 

This is a job half done. The government promised a complete ban on these cruel experiments but are still allowing them to happen in certain circumstances.

Take Action 

Write to the Home Office minister responsible for animal experiments, Lord Bates, and ask for a complete ban on the testing of household product ingredients on animals.

This is a template letter – please feel free to personalise your message before sending.


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