IKEA, We Want Vegan Meatballs!

Vegan Esprit Trainers

Exciting news! Retail giant IKEA is working on adding veggie meatballs to its food menu. But we need to make sure that the "meatballs" will be vegan. With so many delicious cruelty-free, plant-based "meatballs" available that are better for your health and the environment, let IKEA know that you hope to be one of the millions who will make IKEA both a favourite shopping spot and lunch stop. Please sign the pledge asking IKEA to do what's best for all by offering vegan meatballs. Thank you!

Sign the petition!

IKEA, please make your upcoming veggie meatballs vegan. People are making the switch to vegan eating in droves, and making sure that IKEA's veggie meatballs are vegan will ensure that all your customers leave the store satisfied. You'll also help your customers' health, the environment and, best of all, animals. Everyone wins!


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