Ask London Zoo to End Irresponsible 'Zoo Lates'

Life for captive animals in zoos is bad enough without being subjected to the alarming antics of drunken humans.

Ask London Zoo to stop irresponsible 'Zoo Lates' events
"London Zoo" by Paul Hudson / CC BY 2.0

According to news reports, at London Zoo's "Zoo Lates" events – which are promoted as a "wild night out" – members of the public allegedly stripped off their clothes and attempted to enter the penguin pool, poured beer over a tiger and got "touchy feely" with baby penguins.

In addition to this idiotic behaviour, the noise levels and crowds and the incursion into the animals' usual resting time undoubtedly have increased the animals' stress and anxiety levels.

We've joined forces with the UK's other leading animal protection groups to write to London Zoo asking it end these irresponsible, harmful events. Animal Aid, Born Free Foundation, Captive Animals' Protection Society, OneKind, the RSPCA and Viva! have all signed our joint letter.

Please add your voice by signing our open letter to the zoological director of the Zoological Society of London, which runs London Zoo. Here's an extract:

"Zoos should be responsible for the safety of the animals in their care. Allowing these late-night events to continue when members of the public have claimed to see butterflies being crushed on the ground and birds in the aviary being 'accidentally' punched does not demonstrate adequate consideration for animal welfare."

Read the full letter.

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