Help Save Lapland's Last Wolves!

Hunters are cruelly gunning down these remarkable animals.

Speak out for Lapland's wolves
The few remaining wolves in Lapland are being threatened both by illegal poaching and by government-licensed hunting. The justification for this killing is to protect reindeer who are raised and killed for their meat and skins, including for the "novelty" meat market.

Poachers often use poison and illegal traps to kill wolves, while hunters with permits are allowed to use helicopters and snowmobiles to pursue them. When hunters cannot retrieve the wolves they shoot, the animals are left to suffer from their injuries and may die slowly from blood loss and infection.

Wolves are majestic, intelligent animals who mate for life and have complex social structures within their packs. They're also an iconic aspect of Lapland's heritage which is about to be lost forever.

Take action by writing to the head of the Finnish Tourist Board and the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry.

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