Help Save Finland's Last Wolves!

Over a quarter of Finland's wolf population was decimated during the last hunting season, and the cull is scheduled to continue.

During the 2015–2016 hunting season, over a quarter of Finland's wolves were slaughtered by illegal poaching and government-licenced hunting. Fifty-five wolves were killed by hunters, and an additional 23 died from being poached, struck by vehicles, or shot by police, leaving the remaining population in turmoil.

Poachers often use poison and illegal traps to kill wolves, while hunters with permits are allowed to use helicopters and snowmobiles to pursue them. When hunters can't retrieve the wolves they shoot, the animals are left to suffer from their injuries and may die slowly from blood loss and infection. 

Wolves are majestic, intelligent animals who mate for life and have complex social structures within their packs. They're also an iconic aspect of Finland's heritage which is at risk of being lost forever. 

Take action by asking the Finnish Tourist Board and the Finnish Minister of Agriculture and the Environment to end these government-licenced hunts.

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