Urge British Airways to Part Company With Unethical SeaWorld

British Airways (BA) is still selling trips to SeaWorld, despite overwhelming evidence that orcas and other animals suffer in marine parks.

Keeping enormous, intelligent animals such as orcas in tiny concrete tanks and forcing them to perform is deeply unethical and can literally drive them insane. Persistent health problems and neurotic or aggressive behaviour are common among captive cetaceans. Some orcas on display at SeaWorld were snatched from the wild, while others are the result of dangerous inbreeding. All of them lead stressful, unhappy lives far removed from their natural environment.

After holding meetings with PETA and other groups working to protect marine mammals, we had hoped that BA would follow in the footsteps of STA Travel, United Airlines and many other companies by severing all ties with SeaWorld. But that didn't happen, and BA is helping the orca abusers stay in business.

Write to BA's head of environment and let him know that you won't be flying with the airline until it changes its policy.

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