Ask Sweden to Ban Fur Farms!

Chinchilla and fox farms are now a thing of the past in Sweden, but 1 million minks a year are still suffering on atrocious factory farms.

Mink kept in tiny cages on Swedish fur farms
Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

As our recent video exposé shows, minks on Swedish fur farms are crammed into small wire cages covered with faeces and infested with maggots. Dead and dying animals are left to rot in their cages, while others suffer from open wounds, often as a result of cannibalism or self-mutilation.

This cruelty has to stop. The UK, Austria, the Netherlands and Wallonia in Belgium have already banned or are phasing out fur farms. This is the right moment to persuade the Swedish government to do the same:

•  According to a recent poll, 78 per cent of the Swedish public want to see fur farming banned across the country.

•  Sweden's last chinchilla farm closed down in November 2014, and fox farming has already been phased out – so only mink farms are left.

•  International pressure will help ensure that a ban on all fur farming is on the political agenda for Sweden's recently formed coalition government.

Please take action! Send a message to Sweden's Minister for Rural Affairs urging him to ban fur farms now.

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