Stop Fortnum & Mason Foie Gras Cruelty

Foie gras – it's cruel, it's unethical and it doesn't belong on British shelves.

This vile foodstuff is made by force-feeding terrified ducks and geese until their livers become diseased and swell to up to 10 times their natural size. It causes animals immense suffering, and vets and avian experts agree that it simply cannot be produced humanely.

Foie gras production is illegal here in Britain, and responsible retailers refuse to sell it. But while SelfridgesHarvey Nichols and many others have banned it from their stores, Fortnum & Mason still stocks this "delicacy of despair".

We went undercover to investigate what happens on French foie gras farms that supply Fortnum & Mason. You can see the shocking footage here, narrated by Sir Roger Moore:

The video graphically demonstrates why foie gras is nicknamed "torture in a tin". It shows how intelligent, gentle birds are condemned to spend the last weeks of their lives in barren pens, where they are forced to stand 24 hours a day on metal grating.

The geese panic and struggle as farm workers roughly grab them by the neck and force a metal pipe down their throats so that huge amounts of grain can be pumped into their stomachs. This violent process happens three to four times a day – every day. Some of the birds can no longer stand because their legs can't support the weight of their livers, resulting in possible leg fractures.

It's shameful that Fortnum & Mason, a company that claims to embody traditional British values, continues to stock this most un-British of products.

Alongside more than 20,000 (and counting!) PETA supporters, people who have expressed their disgust at Fortnum & Mason's sale of foie gras include the following:

  • Politicians from all major political parties, including Zac Goldsmith, George Galloway, Caroline Lucas, Kerry McCarthy, Martin Horwood and Chris Williamson.
  • Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Bill Oddie, Arlene Phillips, Nigella Lawson, Geezer Butler, Twiggy and Ricky Gervais.
  • Animal welfare organisations such as the RSPCA, Compassion in World Farming and the International Veterinary Society.
  • Traditional British institutions which have banned foie gras include Wimbledon Tennis Club, Lord's Cricket Ground, the House of Lords and the Royal Shakespeare Company, while Prince Charles has had it removed from Royal menus.

You can be a part of this movement, too. Please use the form to send a message to Fortnum & Mason's managing director, Ewan Venters, asking that he ends his store's shameful support for the foie gras industry.

Take Action 

Please contact Fortnum & Mason today and urge the company to stop selling cruel foie gras.

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