To the Prime Minister of Spain: Please Ban Bullfights and Bull Runs

Matador prepares to mutilate animal in the bullring
© Tras Los Muros

Four people have died in bull runs in Spain in one weekend. And since the beginning of July, at least seven people have lost their lives after being gored at bull festivals.

Of course, all the bulls used in these events are dead, too – most after being slowly and painfully killed in the name of entertainment. This carnage must stop.

All over Spain, people are taking action against bullfights. More than 100 towns to date have banned the cruel spectacle. But it's not enough.

It's time for the Spanish government to protect people and animals.

Please sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Spain calling for a national ban on bullfights and bull runs in Spain. 

Sign the Petition

To His Excellency Mariano Rajoy:

So far, at least seven people have died this year after being gored at bull festivals in Spain, and many others have been injured.

Bullfights and bull runs are endangering human lives. They're also immensely cruel to the bulls, who are killed, slowly and painfully, in the name of entertainment.

Please stop the carnage! Protect people and animals by banning these events across Spain.


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