Urge Your MP to Help the Wild-Animal Circus Ban Become Law

A new bill could finally spell the end of cruel wild-animal circuses in England and Wales.

Urge your MP to ensure wild animal circus ban goes ahead

For years, the government has been promising to ban the use of wild animals in circuses in England and Wales by 2015, but progress has stalled. These delays mean that wild animals are still suffering in circuses and could continue to be abused for years to come. 

Wild animals used by circuses are constantly carted around from one performance to another in an environment in which their most basic welfare needs cannot be met. For more than 90 per cent of the time, they are locked up in "beast wagons" or barren temporary enclosures, and they even may be beaten and punished as part of inhumane training methods. This isn't "entertainment".

These animals need your help.

Will Quince MP has presented a 10-minute bill to ban wild-animal circuses in the House of Commons which will have its second reading on 4 March. A similar bill last year had strong support but was blocked by a handful of MPs.

Please make sure that doesn’t happen again - send a quick message to your MP urging him or her to support this bill.

Write to Your MP

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If you live outside the UK and don’t have an MP, please send a message to the Prime Minister instead via the Downing Street website.


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