The Shocking Truth Behind Organic Meat Production

A recent investigation carried out by Animal Aid in Devon highlights the shocking truth that is being kept from consumers: that organic meat production can be as cruel, if not crueller, than non-organic meat production.

animal aid investigation

Animal Aid undercover investigation footage.

The footage that was obtained by an investigator over a two-week period shows staff at the slaughterhouse inflicting appalling cruelty on pigs and sheep. Workers improperly stunned sheep who may have been conscious during slaughter, and pigs were beaten and kicked by slaughterhouse staff before being stunned by electric tongs.

This is only the tip of the iceberg – slaughterhouses across the country, organic and non-organic, routinely fail to stun animals properly before slaughter, causing immeasurable pain and distress to the animals. The cruelty evident in the investigation video is indicative of a blood-thirsty industry.

Farms that are certified organic by the Soil Association have to abide by certain guidelines which the slaughterhouse flouted on many occasions – including, but not limited to, the atrocities mentioned above. Consumers are being misled to believe that animals live an idyllic lifestyle on an organic farm and routinely pay more for that assumption.

Billions of individual animals are violently killed for their flesh every year – whilst others spend almost their entire lives confined to filthy, cramped conditions, where they are forced to produce seemingly endless supplies of eggs or gallons of milk. You can help be part of the solution and not part of the problem by taking the pledge to go vegan today.

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