Stop Norway From Hunting and Killing Minke Whales

Norway is killing minke whales and using their meat to feed animals on fur farms. 

Yes, you read that right. So few people in Norway, want to eat whale meat that minke whales are being slaughtered to feed mink and other animals who are being farmed for their fur. The hunts, which kill over 600 whales each year, rely on state subsidies and the government who are constantly searching for new markets to exploit.

Whaling is extremely cruel, sensitive whales are chased to exhaustion before being hunted using exploding harpoons which wound but often do not kill them. The whales are then dragged, when alive and able to feel pain, into whaling vessels where they meet an agonising end by being repeatedly shot with high-powered rifles. It often takes over an hour for a whale to be killed this way and all that time the whales are in agony.

Please help stop this bloody slaughter of intelligent and sensitive whales by writing to Norway's Prime Minister and asking her to put an immediate end to the hunts.

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