Stop Norway From Hunting and Killing Minke Whales

Every year Norway hunt and kill hundreds of minke whales in defiance of an international ban on commercial whaling. Norway sees itself as a progressive and modern country, but their aggressive stance on hunting minke whales puts Norway years behind the times.

Despite boasting an Animal Welfare Act, the country has made no provision for marine mammals at all. Because there is no known humane way to kill whales at sea, some whales endure an hour of suffering before finally dying an agonising death after being shot with exploding harpoons and rifles. 

Norway is one of three countries flying in the face of the international ban – both Japan and Iceland also carry out this bloody and violent crime. Only 1 per cent of the Norwegian public eats whale meat on a regular basis, and the majority of Norwegians agree that the suffering caused by whaling is unacceptable.

What You Can Do

Take action by writing to Norway's Prime Minister and asking her to stop the suffering of whales today and to live up to Norway's desire to be seen as a progressive and modern country by promoting whale watching, not whale hunting.

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