Baby Seals Are Being Clubbed to Death in Namibia

Every year, more than 80,000 Cape fur seals are massacred in Namibia. The majority of the victims are just babies – still nursing from their mothers and helpless to defend themselves or escape the barbaric slaughter.

Colonies of seals are rounded up on Namibia's beaches and contained in tightly packed groups while a few pups at a time are released and viciously struck as they attempt to flee towards the ocean. Sealers use clubs and "hakapiks" (long sticks with a metal hook on one end) to bludgeon the animals before stabbing them or cutting them open to drain their blood. This ordeal is so violent and terrifying that seal pups often vomit up their mothers' milk on the sand.

The driving force behind all this bloodshed is greed: a handful of people profit massively from exporting the seals' skins. The most notorious among them is Australian tycoon Hatem Yavuz, who reportedly pays royalties to the Namibian government for being permitted to kill the seals and is said to control a vast portion of the global trade.

Seal sleeping

Thousands of adult male seals are also killed every year so that their genitalia can be sold as an aphrodisiac in parts of Asia.

Namibia is the only country in the southern hemisphere where massacring seals is still legal – neighbouring South Africa banned the practice almost 30 years ago. Please send an e-mail to the Namibian High Commissioner to the UK now to let him know that it's unacceptable to allow this cruelty to continue.

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