Ban Fur Farming in Finland – An Undercover Investigation

Undercover footage obtained from an Animal Defenders International (ADI) and Oikeutta Eläimille investigation, which was filmed over a period of seven months on 30 different farms across Finland, has pulled back the curtain on an exceedingly cruel industry.

and Oikeutta Eläimille footage – Warning – Contains shocking pictures

The video reveals exactly what the fur industry doesn't want anyone to know about or see. Finland claims to be a "high-welfare producer" of fur, but this graphic footage shows that the country is anything but concerned about animals' well-being. Foxes and minks are trapped in cages so small that animals often go insane, resort to cannibalism and chew off their own tails in an effort to escape the pain. The conditions that these beautiful animals are forced to endure are torturous and medieval.

Some of the injuries that ADI's investigator witnessed are commonplace on Finnish fur farms and include the following:

 - Animals with untreated infections and diseases that were clearly visible on their noses, teeth and eyes

 - Foxes with visible mouth sores that sometimes covered the animals' teeth

 - Open sores and tail loss as a result of cannibalism

 - Broken and malformed limbs

 - Dirty, empty and broken water bowls

 - Animals circling cages and showing signs of severe psychological stress

 - Broken cages with sharp wires that were likely to cause injury to animals

In light of this shocking footage – and considering the abundance of faux-fur fabrics available today – there is no excuse for purchasing clothes that are made from fur or that contain any fur trim. Take action against the cruel fur trade today!

How You Can Help

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